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Cost Per Lead: What is the expected PPC cost per lead in real estate? What should your monthly PPC budget be? How do PPC specialists keep costs down? In this blog post, we also compare WordStream's real estate industry PPC benchmark data to the results achieved by Real Estate Webmasters PPC clients in 2018. What is vacation rental copywriting? When we say “copywriting,” we mean sharply written content that sells. The custom-tailored and original content I provide for you is targeted to attract your ideal customers by answering their unique real estate problems and  Real estate writer, property writer, real estate copywriter, The Professional Writer, Property descriptions – Prices start from just $185 per property for copy  For real estate copywriting guaranteed to help you attract and engage your ideal client, only one real estate copywriter will do: THE Real Estate Writer Jun 11, 2019 Click to learn real estate copywriting tips. Feel free to contact me at audet@realestatewebmasters, or 716-839-4628, if you have any questions or would our help in creating a solid lead conversion plan. At Affect Media, understanding the Australian property market is a big part of what we do. She told me her goal is to write for real estate agents. Realtor Digital Marketing Packages – Real Estate Marketing Excellence. Copy that grabs the reader by the nose and doesn't let go. Professional Real Estate Content Writers. These intense Realtor Marketing and Lead Generation Programs are designed for serious professionals who are determined to succeed in real estate. With over 20 years’ experience in Property, I understand how the industry works and can assist you as a specialist Real Estate writer. The value of professionally written and researched real estate copy lies in its capacity to forge an emotional connection between the buyer and the property. Text Editing and Rewriting. How much should a freelance copywriter charge? Should you charge by the hour, the word or the project and what about retainers, deposits and rates cards. Real estate copywriting services designed to achieve your goals. What Are Capital Assets? As part of The Clever Copywriting School’s mission to help you be a better copywriter, we want to make sure you get paid what you deserve. Call 614-400-9501 for a quote. WHO SAYS real estate writing isn't as exciting as the next Harry Potteresque publications to keep up with current topics in your state, follow interest rates,  BeWrite Real-Estate Copywriters are experts in writing powerful Fixed Price Services or Customised Options The original price will always be adhered to. Books, Ghostwritten (IBM, Winning with Commercial Real Estate). We work with The results are in for our 2018 Freelance Writer Survey: Experience, Pay and Gender. The real estate agent you choose and where you live in Victoria can make a big difference in how much you’ll need to pay in fees. WritingConversion Rate OptimizationSales Funnel CopywritingEmail  Dec 15, 2017 In this post I'm going to share some top line tips on how to work out your freelance copywriting rates, but if you're still struggling when you're  May 29, 2019 Have a VA come up with a list of all the real estate agents in your state. When you work with Creative Real Estate Copy (CREC) as your real estate copywriter, your websites, videos, posts, emails, letters, and all your marketing channels come to life with an authentic voice that communicates with the emotional and rational perspective of Every “How much to charge for freelance copywriting” article skirts around this, and leaves us with lots of great advice, and no real answers. They expect you to email them, describe your project in detail, and then wait to find out if they're in your price range. My career has touched real estate from many angles. I write copy for prestige property/home magazines, real estate agents and luxury holiday accommodation websites. 5 Copywriting Hacks Designed to Give Your Business a Boost ways to increase your conversion rates and sales, yet so many companies are terrible at it. . Which freelance writers are more likely to create various content types? How much should you expect to pay a freelance writer per word or per hour? See the breakdown of pay rates in four levels of freelancer experience, and by gender. Jun 06, 2012 02:34 PM. Contact Austin Web & Design for your copywriting, web content, and quality content needs. We only get so many days, so I am making sure that my days are chock full of everything I love. With the internet taking over the business world, it is a MUST to have an up to date website to be able to stand out from your competitors. When confronted with a listing or other opportunity to sell property requiring financing that could not be handled by a single purchaser, a real estate broker might turn Sales Page. To say Donna is passionate about property is an understatement - she lives and breathes architecture, design and real estate, and it shows in the way she runs her freelance real estate copywriting business. Real Estate Agent. In most cases, it costs only 50 cents per postcard to keep in contact with your client base or to farm an area. That's why we're trusted with the copywriting for many of Australia's leading property brands. Real Estate Copywriting Services available: Real Estate Copywriting Service Who better to write you a real estate listing than the brains behind The Copy Cat. The Real Estate Investing Copywriter's Playbook: Do More Real Estate Deals With These Proven Step-By-Step Marketing Strategies [Aaron Hoos] on Amazon. The vendor covers the cost of marketing their property. CK Real Estate Photography are Geelong's leading and premier real estate marketing professionals, offering a premium service at competitive rates. Effective copywriting allows you to continue to communicate with your target audience. Real Estate Marketing that Attracts More Buyers and Generates More Revenue. See more ideas about Newsletter templates, Info graphics and Infographics. We’ve developed these recommended rates in consultation with copywriters around Australia. com. If you want to print the flyers yourself, a ream of paper costs $5 to $10, on average, and printers vary in cost depending on features. Creating a website to promote your real estate services is just one type of real estate copywriting. With her superior copywriting and marketing skills she has now given us the framework to build a successful brand that we can be proud of. Real Estate Copywriting - Property profiles, display board content, feature all of your property listings by yourself, but with these affordable rates, wouldn't your  Mar 3, 2017 This is a real challenge in B2B, where a lack of business experience in the Knows SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and web design  This guide shares industry rates for SEO, landing pages and blog posts, as well as Some content writers charge the price of a new compact car for copywriting We've written content for large law firms, real estate agents, adult e-tail sites,  There'll be a lack of market or the pay rates will be so low it's just not worth it. because the numbers can work so phenomenally well! Let’s say you send out $2,000 worth of real estate flyers to advertise a specific property, maybe something like this: Home Cost: $1,500,000 Commission of 6%: $90,000 I welcome you to my course Master Copywriting- Write Copy that get More Leads & Sales where I am going to tell you how to write irresistible sales copy that will help you to get more leads and make more sales for you. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. <<INSERT CTA>> The current valuation for loonie seems to be hardly affecting the real estate market. real estate agent bios: Real Estate Copywriting FAQ's - Why Bios are written in the 3rd person - 06/02/12 08:34 AM Why are most real estate agent bios written in the 3rd person? A good question, and one that agents often ask when I begin their bios. We specialise in professionally written copy for agents and vendors around Australia that can be used across both digital and print advertising. A 5-mile benefit: Profit from real estate Go for the lowest price copywriter on sites like Elance and Odesk and risk your Buyers agent real estate company: 5. Capital gains tax is usually charged as a percentage of the profit earned from selling your assets based on your country’s tax laws and prevailing rates. and no real "Real Estate Write is my go to to write my web wording for my new listings. Real estate (such as laws, zoning, contracts, taking title) is different in every state with some nuances for city and county properties. This has then lead me to establishing my real estate copywriting business, Prestige Property Copy, to showcase not only my enthusiasm for creating compelling property copy but highlights my expertise in this industry as well. Suitable for writers or agents, this course in Real Estate Copywriting has been created by copywriter Dean Koorey. Start with this freelance Real Estate writer spotlight. Neal is a consummate professional that has always worked diligently to pursue optimal outcomes for his clients. Right now we want to recap why copywriting for vacation rental property managers even matters. Do I change my website content writing rates in the middle of the project? It rarely happens. Life is too short to compartmentalize. Does your real estate business promote a healthy growth environment where individuals are motivated to pursue goals i A guide to professional copywriting fees. The headline impacts conversion rates up to 800% for our articles here at Easy Agent Pro. single family home built in 1973 that sold on 05/08/2015. Remarkable Price Well Below Market Value! b. When Unbounce designers analyzed the 10 highest converting customer landing pages in the Real Estate industry, they found (unsurprisingly) that the pages were chock full of imagery: beautiful hero shots of the interior and exterior of properties, maps, full-width photography backgrounds and floor plans. If you’re fortunate enough to know a couple of real estate agents (realtors) who are short of time with plenty of work to do then offer to copywrite for them. Real estate postcards are the most cost effective real estate marketing available today. Knowing the real estate investment fundamentals will put you on the right track. Can a commercial real estate development website be engaging? With the right real estate writing services in place, the answer is yes. 2%. Maximize the price by attracting more buyers with a professionally written property listing for MLS and online  Sep 11, 2017 This specialized type of copywriting pays handsome fees — enough that you could You see, I actually do a lot of work for real estate agents. Industry Experience. In a National Association of Realtors (NAR) Real estate investing is a common and popular way to create an income. A full guide to real estate copywriting, including property descriptions, headlines, and The price of a house is a huge reason why it's going to be sold or not. It’s quality content, all EPIC and all original designed to make you a top contender in your market. That means that if you’re trying to sell a property, whether domestic or commercial, you need to have an online presence. My copywriting costs can start from as little as $125 per page which represents excellent value for money for my clients. Copywriting for Freelancers: Choosing the Words that Lead to Better Clients Then why should you waste your precious real-estate justifying your prices by  Tips for writing compelling real estate listing copy to produce sales. Copywriting Service. Mar 27, 2019 Whether you like it or not, copywriting rates are deeply linked to your . We recommend that you use these rates as a starting point for your copywriting jobs. I respect my people's boundaries and privacy, but the other four are fair game. But more on that in another post. Kate Toon has the answers to all this and more oh and also whether editors and proof readers charge as much as copywriters and how much you should charge for a 500 word blog post. Real Estate Copywriting. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 76% of visitors opting in for a special  Bob's Portfolio. I will adopt the faithful real estate auction price guide, which gives me a  Hire Real Estate writers for your content marketing projects. What do they want? If you can help them get that through your real estate copywriting, you’ll win. Check out some sample property descriptions here. I offer services specializing in home décor and real estate. Let’s take a look at the major challenges that today's real estate industry faces, and how they matter to business owners. We write engaging, compelling and precise copy for the real estate industry to complement beautiful photographs and videos and help agents find a competitive edge. Real Estate Copywriting FAQ's - What about ghostwriting? Tammie - Writing is one of life's pleasures - it rates right up there with reading. Ft. Real estate licensees have been active in real estate syndication for years. Do you have questions about my copywriting fees and services? Many do, and one of the first questions they ask is “What will it cost to (fill in the blank)? It’s always difficult to answer that question without first knowing the scope of the work, but the price list at the end of this page […] Real Estate Web Copy Samples: If you want to be known as THE person who is an authority on your home town or your marketing area, your web site should include community pages such as the ones I wrote for Marie Haydock. Seriously, though, I feel passionate about just a handful of things. We will continue to work with Alison, not only for her great copywriting, but as a trusted adviser well into the future. His easy-going and pleasant temperament should not be misconstrued, as he consistently demonstrates an unmatched drive toward excellence. How much should you pay a blog writer? Well that depends on what you hope to get from the relationship. Agent bios are probably written in the 3rd person because it seems less self-centered. Jun 18, 2019- Explore ProspectsPLUS!'s board "Real Estate Newsletters for Sphere of Influence", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Let our real estate copywriters find the words to reflect why you' re the best and only choice for a home buyer or seller, so you can spend your time  Just like you could pay vastly different prices for a pair of pants at different stores plagiarism is rampant, they probably have little to no copywriting education, “ I want a blog post about the real estate market in Atlanta,” and then a team of  Jul 16, 2009 He commands premium fees, and likely turns away more business than he Law, real estate, software, even this very blog… each time I was  This is a full service, one-stop solution for your online and print copywriting needs ! Request Pricing - Real Estate Virtual Assistant View Real Estate Marketing  Dec 6, 2017 Need some inspiration for your next real estate advertising campaign? Provide details like price, location, and number of bedrooms to give  Feb 20, 2017 for straightforward pricing for your content marketing or copywriting real estate, creatives, not-for-profits, startups or health professionals. A real estate agency who can offer current and potential clients more value is the one who wins. Now, done with your enticing call-to-action? An effective CTA is the actual linchpin of every successful real estate website and it involves drawing the best practices in creativity, usability and powerful copywriting that can boost your online real estate marketing strategies. If you’re a broker or marketing director for a real estate agency, sharing these marketing ideas with your real estate agents will help you stay on the same page as you work together to build a formidable real estate brand. Brochures. Capital gains tax might result from selling your home, stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, a business, and other similar capital assets. Real estate brokerages strained by shrinking margins need new profit centers. So it makes sense to create a separate rates page for them. We take website, blog, social media and newsletter copywriting off your hands so Real Estate Blog Writing Service estate professionals, providing quality content solutions at an affordable price. Copywriting for real estate is a challenge, especially when everyone uses the same jargon in listings. Personal and Office Profiles Real estate agents who communicate on this level stand out from the rest. The Ladies Of Real Estate use a scrolling home page to also serve as their sales page. Her husband is one and she’s helped him with his website copy and other marketing materials. Learn how to write a real estate listing description that tells a compelling story about each home and will grab the right buyer’s attention. The highest-converting landing pages in the Real Estate industry sit at 11. Real Estate Postcards - The #1 Marketing Piece for Real Estate Agents. That's where I come in! I will write well edited and well researched content to fit your site and your style. We can  Save time and let the BoxBrownie. Do you have to be a real estate guru to write for the market? If you're a busy real estate agent who doesn't have the time to focus on copywriting, or simply need the eye of a qualified professional to get your property the attention it deserves, we can help you with: - Copywriting for residential and commercial real estate sales (online and in print) - Sales copy for new builds and property developments We provide copywriting services for all media types including websites, brochures, direct mail and other marketing materials. This north-facing course will make you brighter. Copywriting examples for legal industry, real estate, and more. You will also be in charge of writing our email communications with clients who have signed up to receive email notifications from us. Writing rates may be revised if somehow the client changes the specifications in a big way. This is a clear indication that the consumers are no longer concerned about the rising prices but only in the quality of their investment. If you don’t know their perspective, become super greedy and pretend to be them. Real Estate Copywriting, Real Estate Investing Consulting, Real Estate Marketing Consulting, Negotiations Consulting, Neuro Linguistic Programming Copywriting and Consulting, Marketing Copywriting, Small Business Copywriting, Graphic design, Logo design, Brand Design, Eye Catching, Graphic Design Consulting, Website Design, Website Consulting, Video Creation, Video Consulting, Animation, T 10 Real Estate Copywriting Tips For Sales. Real Estate Flyers Printing Costs. General Real Estate Marketing (2) Real Estate Copy Blog Updates (1) Real Estate Website Marketing (2) Unique Content from a Professional Real Estate Writer (1) Follow me on Twitter! Error: Twitter did not respond. I offer affordable rates and a quick turn around that will allow you to leave all the writing and design work to me and get on with doing what you're best at. As a Real Estate Sales and Marketing Analyst at Fit Small Business, Emile is responsible for the editorial direction of the site’s real estate content as well as curating actionable insights from top producing agents and brokerages from across the country. A few weeks ago, I had a copywriter contact me. Bob Bly is a freelance copywriter specializing in direct marketing. If you want to sell more properties, optimize marketing costs, and become THE real estate authority in your market, there’s only one solution: digital marketing services from an award-winning real estate marketing company. Real Estate Write is a Sunshine Coast-based company founded in 2016. Five current trends that prevail in this industry became clear. Real estate can be an excellent investment – if you know what you’re doing. To be able to send as accurate a quotation as possible, we would of course like to receive some information from you in advance about the subject you would like us to write about, the maximum number of words and any specific requests or wishes that you may have. They have compelling copywriting which speaks to their audience's pain points along with a breakdown of how much money the visitor saves by using their membership of bundled services instead of buying one-offs somewhere else. The 10 characteristics of a growth environment are explained in this real estate graphic for both real estate teams and companies. Our experience includes real estate sales, and if you’re looking for a local expert to help you buy or sell your home, we know you won’t find anyone better. This article breaks it down by price point. Your order, whether it’s a blog, web page, marketing piece or more, will be assigned to our expert real estate writers, handpicked and managed by our team. See the breakdown of median and top conversion rates (and where you stand!) via the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report. Gain an advantage over your competition by outsourcing your writing to a professional real estate copywriter and benefit from our skills and experience with a great return on investment. When you are a busy real estate agent like myself, having the team take care of this in a fast 24hour turnaround time makes my life much easier. This guide covers both offline and online real estate marketing ideas, from direct mail postcards to email campaigns. Write every sentence from their perspective. Real estate writer; Real estate writing jobs; Real estate copywriter; Real estate  Jul 11, 2018 With plenty of other Facebook real estate ads available for buyers to click on, Inducing FOMO is a classic tactic copywriters and marketers use to make way to avoid losing those leads and improve your click-through rates. When you request a no-obligation quotation for copywriting from us, we will respond by return. 7%, you’re beating 90% of your competitors’ pages. Loyal clients make referrals to their friends, neighbors and I specialize in writing in-depth blog posts about home décor and real estate. Apr 25, 2018 How did you get started in real estate copywriting? When we were selling I also have different rates for staff profiles, web copy, blog posts etc. You will be responsible for creating our marketing ad for properties that are for sale. tips to rewrite the sales copy for my Heidi Brandt Real Estate Agent, Lincoln, Nebraska. Consider these marketing tools: Property Listings — Got a great property you’re looking to sell? Meet Donna Webeck - freelance property copywriter. Categories. 70 likes. The rule of “little and often” makes vacation rental copywriting a snap to manage. Many freelance copywriters don't post their prices. When you need Orlando property management & sales, this is what you can expect when you work with The Realty Medics team: That's where a real estate copywriter comes in. Real estate flyer printing costs depend on several factors, including paper weight, printing color and quality, and how you have the materials printed. After speaking with mortgage brokers, real estate agents, homebuilders, economists and attorneys across the nation, patterns emerged. Copywriting to market a property can make your writing gifts pay dividends. As a general guide, here’s what you can expect: Real estate commissions in Victoria. Or you can offer a small discount from the listed price if they are a social media “friend” of  Are the Best Mortgage Rates From a Bank or a Mortgage Broker? . Here is where SEO copywriting for real estate agents and for mortgage professionals is  years, for clients as wide-ranging as real estate agencies, home décor designers, You'll find that copywriting rates vary according to the scope of the project  Copywriters and designers get in a room to brainstorm, after which; The copywriters head off to flesh out concepts with . Property Copywriting . Real estate agents and firms are starting to fully comprehend the power good writers hold in helping to deliver the right messages. . If your real estate sales copy doesn’t quickly convince your target demographic that you are qualified to speak Real estate experience. Today, approximately 80% of property searches start online. Copywriting for Real Estate is your answer. See how InkHarmony can make your real estate website pop. ” Say, “I make real estate websites shine with great blog posts that their visitors love Jun 18, 2019- Explore ProspectsPLUS!'s board "Real Estate Newsletters for Sphere of Influence", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. But complications abound. As a former real estate professional myself, I understand your need for effective copy, in print and online, to gather leads and to improve your credibility. Mortgage rates sink to their lowest levels in 21 Real Estate: ALLHËR Template. Our expert real estate writers at Express Writers have what it takes to produce real estate copy for your website, ads, brochures, and more. SEE OUR PRICES In real estate agent marketing today, almost every realtor has a website. Jump to. Learn easy ways to break the mold & stand out. Real Estate Copywriting is all about the other person. The use of generic templates and overused descriptions is all too common in the real estate industry. A real estate commission is a percentage of the final sale price that goes to your agent after your home sells. You must ensure that you have well-written material for them to find so that they feel well-informed by you (and not your competing real estate agencies). Plenty of other opportunities exist to use good copywriting in promoting your real estate business. “I am a content writer in the real estate niche. First as an account executive with a major shopping centre developer, then as a copywriter for Canada’s most experienced real estate marketing firm. Read trade and consumer publications to keep up with current topics in your state, follow interest rates, understand new or revised laws, and know the local market. Lenders riding the remains of the refi wave need a purchase strategy. Copywriting. Having compiled a database of thousands of real estate words, descriptions and phrases over 11 years, we’re confident our real estate writers can handle any project you’d like to direct our way. Find great Mount Laurel, NJ real estate professionals on Zillow like Ian Rossman of Berkshire Hathaway Fox and Roach. “An agent will recommend a marketing campaign, which might include a board out the front of the house, listing on realestate. If your Real Estate page converts at over 8. How To Launch Your Freelance Writing Career. au, photography for the listing, the creation of a floor plan, copywriting and press advertising,” Cooney says. At one time A 2% response rate gives you 40 solid leads. In terms of international Real Estate investment, the capital investment into residential & commercial projects from Mainland China is at an all-time high with total Chinese global offshore assess tripling from $6. We provide quality real estate photography, real estate floor plans, graphic design, virtual furniture, aerial & video services as well as copywriting in Geelong and surrounding areas. After all, the key to effective marketing lies in knowing your market, so we’ve made it our business to learn about the industries our clients operate in. Spoiler: REW clients are killing it. Jul 23, 2012 How effective are you at writing a great real estate headline? Analyzer allows you to see how your headlines compare against those written by professional copywriters. Your website needs to be easy to read, easy to follow, and command your readers attention. Te Rere was an easy choice for us as she made us feel comfortable straight away and was not a pushy salesperson like the agents from the other company. Tip #2 The Headline Real Estate Copywriting Services. Visit Ian Rossman's profile on Zillow to find ratings and reviews. Sending out direct mail to drum up business is nothing new, but one area of particular interest is real estate flyers…. Real Estate Webmasters is here to help you get the most from your real estate technology. What I do: Copy for residential listings online, in print and for brochures; Copy for video scripts View 31 photos for 2426 W Prospect Rd, Tampa, FL 33629 a 4 bed, 4 bath, 3,368 Sq. The real-estate market is constantly changing in their methods on how to look for that right house and property. General Real Estate Marketing (2) Real Estate Copy Blog Updates (1) Furthermore, he holds a real estate certificate of registration with experience in day-to-day property management and leasing, thus bringing a vast array of skills to his real estate copywriting, his wide experience and "way with words" enabling him to bring any property or project to life. Website Design and Content. Professional real estate copywriting is fast becoming an essential part of property marketing. The CFPB is bearing down on both lenders and real estate brokers and agents. Getting the right blog writer for hire to craft targeted messages that will make a difference is crucial. who is the real estate investing copywriter and why do the most highly regarded investors in america call him first to help them find more sellers, buyers, partners, and coaching students? I help small and medium-sized businesses benefit from top web and email copywriting while sticking to their marketing budget. Close half  Real estate agents get noticed – and contacted – more when we do the writing. Want more than just pretty words? I've been writing easy-to-read sales copy since 2002. If it’s done right, you are bound to generate real measurable How To Pick A Great Real Estate Investment Property. Whether you are looking for a web copywriting service or need to create professional copy for offline marketing, you can always rely on us. Like, initially he or she had said that finding information on a particular topic would be easier, and it proves to be very difficult. This follows naturally from licensees’ involvement as agents in purchase and sale transactions. Hire the best freelance Copywriters in Denver, CO on Upwork™, the world's top including (but not limited to) health and wellness, travel, product sales, and real estate. Maintaining an interactive relationship with existing clients turns them into loyal clients who not only think of you, but turn to you for their real estate needs. com team of professional copywriters create Why should real estate agents use professional copywriters? Pricing Options. It seemed to make sense for her to write for real estate agents, after all, there are thousands of real estate agents who spend money on marketing. Use the real estate description checklist to stay on task, and follow best practices to create home descriptions that sell. 4 trillion in 2015 to an expected $20 tn by 2020. Real Estate Text. It’s great to know that a greater number of clients from India are approaching me for my content writing and online copywriting services. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Will you make money on your investment? Will your estimate for expenses and income work out? This real estate calculator will help you answer these questions We are a real estate company seeking a marketing copy ad writer. Next as a sales and marketing executive for two top retirement living developers and finally as a sales rep for an Positioning, tone, and content are critical factors that determine the success of your real estate industry marketing campaigns. Web copywriting rates and charges vary hugely, from AU$25 to $250 per hour. Make a Copywriting Portfolio Copywriting Command Center Copywriting Books and Courses Freelance Writing for Beginners AIDA Formula Copywriting Tips Swipe File Copywriting Guides: Direct Mail Marketing Guide One Pager Examples Blog Post Titles Writing Strategies Plain Language Course Real Estate Listing Descriptions Sell Me This Pen Copywriting The real estate and mortgage industries need each other more than ever. As an investor, a tagline such as “low maintenance home in strong growth pocket with great value appreciation history, tenants keen to stay” has more cut-through than “dream home with ocean views”. Get the Best Freelance Copywriting Services (open rates / click through I strongly urge you to learn to write the copy yourself or else hire a real * Increases conversion rates. Real Estate Copywriting Services available: With over 20 years’ experience in Property, I understand how the industry works and can assist you as a specialist Real Estate writer. " Matt Jones, Director, Explainer Videos, Australia My name is Jessie Fitzgerald Heekin, and I'm the professional real estate writer and real estate copywriter behind RealEstateCopyBlog. We interviewed a couple of agents when deciding who we wanted to sell our home. In the commercial real estate sector, we consider the client you are marketing to – whether medical tenants, retail owners, or industry executives – and we produce rich custom digital content, whitepapers, and high-end brochures designed to appeal to a specific audience. As a real estate writer, you can play a part in bringing these kinds of dreams to life. Our real estate copywriters are a cut above. Writing, real estate, insurance, my people, and doggos. real estate copywriting rates

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